Great Southern Wildflowers - Torndirrup and Porongurup National Parks and Stirling Ranges

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Wildflower season is upon us and due to our bumper rainfall there will be amazing displays to be seen throughout the South West. There is some 8000 species of wildflowers blooming in our regions of which many can be found nowhere else in the world. There is also around 300 species of delicate orchids with many species being endemic to the region. Take a stroll around Albany’s headlands to see an abundance of wildflowers. Torndirrup National Park offers a well signposted circular walk at Stony Hill and meanders past granite outcrops with breathtaking photo opportunities of scenery and floral displays.  Stroll through wildflowers on the well-established paths and boardwalks at the Wind Farm Lookout at Sandpatch is a must and as you breathe you can smell the sweet perfume in the air. Porongurup National Park has majestic granite domes with sweeping views giving to spectacular views of the coloured carpet of flowers. Keep an eye out for the yellow Acacias and purple Hoveas that are visible under the tall karri trees. Stirling Range National Park is another ideal spot to discover wildflowers. The park is home to 1500 species of native plants, 87 of which aren’t found anywhere else in the world. As you wonder along the many trails you be in awe of the magnificent wildflower displays throughout the park. The Queen of Sheba orchid and mountain bells are two of the favorites throughout the park.


So what are you waiting for, pack your camera and come along and witness the explosion of colour set against stunning natural scenery.